Eco-Cottages Are Here!

Eco-Cottages can be the practical solution to providing recreational dwelling needs for your lifestyle.  Eco-Cottages can be built quickly for all environments. Eco-Cottages are flexible and affordable with high-performance green standards. It is the ultimate high-performance modular structure.

Need a small vacation home? Maybe it's a beach house or a small dwelling next to your swimming pool.  Do you want to add guest quarters to your existing property and allow loved ones to live nearby?  It could be a bungalow built near your favorite golf course. A small second home is a great way to live a lifestyle in which you pursue your passions. Need additional space at your home for a relative or guests? Eco-Cottages provide you options well below the cost of renovating, giving a private, self-sustaining structure that is architecturally exciting and innovative. Need a vacation home for a mountain or water setting? Eco-Cottages can be built quickly for all environments. Eco-Cottages can be used as: home offices, hunting cabins, pool houses, workshops or hobby spaces. Our flexible construction options allow you to personalize yours to suit your needs.

Eco-Cottages are built to local residential codes using pre-fabricated systems-built engineering. Eco-Cottages are not trailers built to the RV code. Eco-Cottages are REAL HOMES and do not have wheels and a trailer hitch! These high-performance modular structures utilize the latest technology and can provide self-sustaining living for your specific plans. So welcome.  Explore our designs and learn about the endless uses of our new eco-logical modular homes.

Eco-Cottages: Eco-nomical, Eco-friendly, Eco-logical.

Standard Features List

Standard Green Features List


Our modular Eco-Cottages are available direct from the factory at factory prices. The modular cottage will be built to order and delivered to your property. You are responsible for the building permits, foundation and utilities. You may use an independent local builder if necessary. If you are unable to locate a builder, we can help you, and we will be glad to ask one of our approved builders to contact you (if available).