Natural Element® Home Plans......Rustic Elegance!

Natural Element Homes is tops in the industry when it comes to the designer plans we offer; created by the best, most inspired designers in the business. You can use any plan as is, or we can customize your home with sophisticated features that deliver incredible curb appeal.

And because we are also in the materials manufacturing and supply business, our design work is included with the purchase of your materials package. So why pay for plans? Get your building materials AND your home plans for one low price at Natural Element Homes. AND, there is no charge for plan customization!

Enjoy a sampling of plans in the volumes below, and feel free to call us for hundreds more plans.

Natural Element® Home Plans - Shawn Fisher Series

Enjoy the Natural Element® Original series by Shawn Fisher that turned the industry on it's ear! Many have tried to duplicate these unique designs without success, and if you think they look good on canvas, you should see the real thing! These designs are guaranteed to make you the envy of the neighborhood.


Natural Element® Home Plans - Elk River Collection

The Elk River Series from Natural Element Homes is a collection of outstanding log home masterpieces. These have also been built using the Hybrid Building System® as well. These ten home designs are now classics in the log home world. Why not build a classic?

Natural Element® Home Plans - MossCreek Series

The MossCreek series is arguably the most popular series offered by Natural Element Homes. These stunning designs have been built all over the world, and you can build one too. Natural Element Homes will customize these designs at no charge, and all monies paid to initiate the design sequence are credited to your home package purchase.

Natural Element® Home Plans - Alexander Originals

The Alexander series of Natural Element Home designs has been the choice of hundreds of customers over the past few years. And these designs truly function well to give a high quality of life to those who build them. Log, timber frame, hybrid and modular building systems are all represented.

Natural Element® Home Plans - MountainWorks

The MountainWorks series of Natural Element Home designs features vintage reclaimed and recycled materials such as old antique logs, bark shingles, and reclaimed beams. The materials may be varied if vintage/antique is not your style. No matter which Natural Elements® you choose, the MountainWorks home designs are truly outstanding.