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Natural Element Homes


1225 Murray’s Chapel Road
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Natural Element Homes has a rich history in the log home and timber home industry and has been a principal innovator within the industry since the turn of the century. We are clearly leaders within the industry and enjoy watching other companies look to Natural Element Homes for their inspiration and direction. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Natural Element Homes was born out of market-driven demand for something more from the log home industry. In the early 2000’s, we began to see many consumers look into the log home industry for a particular kind of home. They described a home that had many of the elements found in log homes, but without the log walls. They wanted a home that was natural and rustic, yet modern and elegant. And they wanted the home to possess outstanding curb appeal, as it would be a testament to their own vision. They wanted to put their own DNA into the home as they designed it, and it must inspire them to a higher quality of life. We found that most considered this home to be the last home they would ever build, and they wanted it their way this time.

Consumers wanted a home that would offer them escape and retreat from the worries of the world and make them feel good about their creation. They wanted it to be respectful of nature and a part of nature.

And the Natural Element Home® was born! Born of nature and your vision for “rustic elegance” and “mountain modern” living. For the last home you will ever build, it must be a Natural Element Home!

Another important aspect of Natural Element Homes has less to do with the home design and more to do with how we treat people. Quite simply, it’s your dream home, and you should have a pleasurable experience in planning, designing and building your home of homes. And Natural Element Homes delivers the best experience in the home building industry. Why not have fun while you watch your dream come to life before your eyes?

This part of the equation came easy for us. There is a book with a title something like this: “everything you need to know about business, you learned in kindergarten.” Likewise, everything we needed to know about treating our customers, we learned at an early age. Basically, we treat others as we would want to be treated.

And finally, we infused all of this with our own expertise and experience. Not just any home builder can create a Natural Element Home, you see! We have a rich heritage in log and timber manufacturing and in the systems-built home industry. In fact, we came from a company which has nearly four decades under their belt, and we have multiple manufacturing facilities around the United States. The owner of Natural Element Homes developed the brand during his 18 year career with Tennessee Log & Timber Homes, Inc. He purchased the Natural Element Homes brand in 2011 along with all of the home plans, photography and other intellectual properties and incorporated Natural Element Homes. He now operates Natural Element Homes, LLC as a separate and independent company.

In other words, we know how to take your vision for your home, mix it with our heritage in log, timber and systems-built home manufacturing and provide you with a great experience in producing your dream home.

We are very good at what we do, and you will be the beneficiary of our expertise. Truly, your Natural Element Homes experience is all about YOU.

At Natural Element Homes, you should expect the very best in home design and in natural materials. You should expect the best of options for building your home of homes. We’ve put it all together under one roof to make it easy for you. Whether you want a log home, a true timber frame / SIP panel home, a Hybrid log and timber home, or a HiPerformance modular home, whatever building method is best for you, make it A NATURAL ELEMENT HOME®!

To see and feel for yourself, please plan to visit us at one of our many locations around the country. And be sure to watch Natural Element Homes, as we have many innovations in the works. If you have trouble finding us, just look out in front! That’s where we will be.

Thank you for considering Natural Element Homes!


Robert Lambert
Founder and President
Natural Element Homes, LLC

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