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includes $49,400 in FREE upgrades

What is included for this price?
You get the dry-in shell materials package (Premium Package) and your choice of free upgrades up to the dollar amount shown. *

Plan Specifications

4 Bed
4 Bath
1 Half Bath

2,018 SF Main Level
1,091 SF Upper Level
2,018 SF Lower Level
1,904 SF Garage + Bonus
7,031 SF Heated
1,269 SF Porch & Deck

Premium Package Contents
  1. Subfloor System: 2×12 + Advantech
  2. Porch/ Deck Floor System: 2×8 w/ Premium Decking
  3. Exterior Railing System: Cedar Log Railing
  4. Log Wall System: 6×12 or 8×8, D-log or Square
  5. Log Corners: Butt & Pass, Saddle Notch, DoveTail
  6. Window & Door Openings: Pre-cut w/T-jambs
  7. Second Floor System: Heavy Timber Pine
  8. Interior Stair System: 4×12 Pine
  9. Interior Railing System: Heavy Timber Pine
  10. Exterior Framed Walls: 2×6 + 058 + House Wrap
  11. Exterior Siding: Pine Log, B&B, or C. Shake
  12. Framed Wall Corners: Pine Posts, Round or Square
  13. Interior Wall Framing: 2×4 and 2×6
  14. House Roof System: 2×12 + 5/8 PW+ Titanium Felt
  15. Interior Ceilings: 1 x Pine T&G
  16. Porch Roof System: Heavy Timber Pine
  17. Porch Roof Ceilings: 2×6 Pine T&G
  18. Garage Roof System: Flat Common Trusses
  19. Exterior Finish Fascia: 1×12 + 1×6 Pine Stepped
  20. Exterior Finish Soffit: 1 x Pine T&G
  21. Exterior Doors: Fiberglass Woodgrain
  22. Exterior Windows: JW 2500 Aluminum Clad/Wood
  23. Exterior Door and Window Trim: 1 x6 Pine
  24. Freight: Add $1 per mile per truck
  25. Delivery Zone: USA Lower 48 States
  26. Home Plans: Design Pack
  27. Model-specific Details: ***Add per model***

PDFFor a detailed Package Description of the Premium Log Package, click here (PDF).

Available Upgrades

The photos of this home show several upgrades over the base package, and you may select upgrades that are most important to you.

We are offering $49,400 in FREE upgrades for this plan. Choose from the list below, or create your own upgrade, then contact us to discuss the costs of the features you have selected.

Note: Upgrades marked with an asterisk (*) are required for the particular design to meet strctural and/or code requirements.


  • * Upgrades for snow load, wind load, and local codes (if applicable)
  • * Add freight charges
  • * Upgrade all timber to Douglas Fir
  • Add decorative timber rafters and ridge beams to great room and loft area
  • Add timber for decorative timber truss over great room
  • Upgrade interior posts to larger diameter round posts with draw-knife finish
  • Add decorative ceiling beams in basement rec room
  • Add decorative timbers for garage apartment
  • Upgrade subfloor to trusses
  • * Upgrade garage second floor to trusses

* Pricing does not include labor or finish materials to complete the home.

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