At Natural Element Homes, we give you unlimited creative freedom…

The Design Pack is Your BEST First Step…


Dream it. Plan it. See it. That’s the beauty. Your home comes to life while our team shapes it in 3D for you.

The journey to your Natural Element Home begins with its design, and here you have a choice to make. You can pick a design from our vast design library, and we will customize the plan for you. Or, you can create a custom design. Our in-house designers can help you create a plan that reflects your taste and perfectly complements the setting of your home.

Whichever approach you choose, you’ll enjoy using our Virtual Design Center to collaborate on your project. Our system allows you to collaborate at every step of the design process and immediately view the effects of any design changes you’re considering. You view your plans online and speak directly with your designer as you watch your changes being made on screen in real time. Next you’ll be able to view a 3-D model of your altered home plan, and you can take a virtual “tour” of your redesigned house to see just how it will look and feel.

You don’t have to operate any software; just sit back and watch as your dreams and ideas move a step closer to reality. It’s fast, efficient, and fun! After design…supply, build, and decorate — and before you know it you are in your custom dream home!

Why Choose the Design Pack?

  • You can tour your home from inside, outside, or any angle in between via 3D computer modeling and our gigantic photo library.
  • You can customize your home design and construction methods to be exactly what you want. We encourage you to change the plan!
  • You get expert advice and guidance rather than being told what to build and what to buy. Warm, friendly, helpful service is yours.
  • You won’t be limited by a set number of plan revisions and other limitations. Take the time you need and feel free to dream big. After all, it’s YOUR dream home!
  • You will gain control with builders and bankers by having the proper information to get accurate bids and not waste time.
  • You can determine how much your home will cost and tailor your home design to fit your budget and your local building codes.
  • You can participate as much or as little as you want via our Virtual Design Center.
  • You will enjoy peace of mind and have a great experience in planning for your dream home.

Choose Your Starting Point

…and tell us where to go from there!

We’ve designed thousands of homes over the years, and we’ve got the floor plans to show for it, more than 300 of which are available right here on our website. When you find a plan you like, we are available to customize any aspect of the plan just the way you like it. Additions, subtractions, and everything in between… we’ve got you covered. Our full-service Drafting and Design department is equipped with cutting-edge software and technology to produce your perfect home plan. Check out a few of the home plans from our Drawing Board series below…

See For Yourself… Watch Our Demo Video

Our Virtual Design Center allows you to collaborate at every step of the design process and immediately view the effects of any design changes you’re considering. You view your plans online and speak directly with your designer as you watch your changes being made onscreen in real time. Next you’ll be able to view a 3-D model of your altered floor plan, and you can take a virtual “tour” of your redesigned house to see just how it will look and feel.

The best part is you don’t have to operate any software; just sit back and watch as your dreams and ideas move a step closer to reality. Watch the quick demo movie below. Click the full screen button at the bottom right of the viewer below for maximum effect.

More reasons to start designing your dream home today!

What You Receive...

    Basically, you get premium concierge service for planning and designing your home. More specifically, you will receive the following:

    • Budgeting Assistance – we help you set a budget and guide you on how to stick to the budget.
    • Design Consultations and Virtual Design Center Meetings – collaborate with our professional staff, builders and other professionals. We can have multiple people in a meeting from multiple locations, and we are all speaking and seeing the same screen.
    • 3D Computer Generated Modeling of your home design with Virtual Walk-throughs and access to all of our resources, such as photography, product guides and detailed specifications.
    • Value Engineering consultations – we give you many options in every building system category to help you get the most house you can get for your money.
    • Preliminary Customized Home Plans with your specific contact info and jobsite info:
      • Floor plans for all levels (basement, main level, upper level, additional levels, garages, etc.).
      • Four elevations showing all sides of your home design with all exterior materials specifications.
      • Foundation Plan showing all foundation walls and structural point load locations.
      • Roof Plan showing all roof planes, ridges, valleys, hips, pitches, etc.
      • Section drawings showing the structural and finish details of the home.
      • All drawings reflect materials specification needed to meet your local building codes.
      • Drawings not intended for construction but for estimating only.
    • Materials Listing showing all materials included in the NEH Structural Shell Package.
    • Pricing for materials listing.
    • Next step: Purchase Agreement and balance of 10% payment to receive construction documents and specialty drawings for timber systems, log systems, and panel systems.

    What Our Clients Say...

      • We spent thousands of dollars on two different architects before meeting you guys. You blew them away. It’s like night and day. Please enjoy these assortment packs of coffee in your Keurig! Thanks again for everything! – Tom and Joan
      • We love our home. It’s just like we designed! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!- Dick and Brenda R.
      • We would recommend your company to anyone who asked. Our experience with you has been awesome! We can’t wait to have you all over for our contractor party! – John and Debra D.
      • Dianne has just been wonderful! We could not have built this house without her help. My wife still calls her for advice and if she isn’t in the office, she always returns our calls promptly. We’ve looked at a lot of companies and feel we made the right choice by buying a Natural Element Home. Your company will get a lot of good advertising from us. Thank you for designing and building such a wonderful home. – Jeanne and Dan
      • As a builder, your Design Pack services work very nicely for my clients. I have never had one client who wasn’t completely satisfied. Your overall progam really helps me build more homes. Thanks for your friendship! – Cliff F.
      • Chris, you have a great team, and we needed every one! Starting right from the Greer’s who recommended you to us, then to Bob Neal who has been extremely helpful, And I cannot say enough about the staff at Natural Element Homes. Thank you Dianne, Tina, Robert and others behind the scenes for designing such a great house. Your timber frame and natural elements are to die for! if Debra and myself can send anyone to you, we will. It is nice to know that in a world of so much dishonestly there are still honorable, shoot from the hip, thinking on your feet companies left like yours. Thanks for Everything! – Bob and Debra W.

      What If You DON'T...

        What if you don’t start with our Design Pack service? There are many places to buy home plans and to hire designers to customize a plan or develop a plan from scratch, but be ye warned! There are many pitfalls and hidden costs, and you will most likely receive far less for your money that what we provide. Don’t gamble with your dreams, or your money!

        • You may end up with a ho-hum, plain Jane house with no curb appeal or functionality.
        • Your home may cost far above your budget. Afterall, most designers have nothing to do with helping you determine costs and may selections to fit your budget.
        • You will likely not get any credit of design monies paid (certainly not double credit) toward your materials purchases.
        • You may be limited to a set number of revisions unless you pay more.
        • You may be limited to building with materials the log & timber company want to sell you.
        • You may get “less than expert” advice. Since most designers never are responsible for the construction of the home, they often draw things that just won’t work.
        • You may be missing key technical drawings for log walls, timber frame and other specialty elements. Your designer may not be familiar with log, timber, or panelized design techniques and will refer you to an expert or third party for more propietary design work to be done.
        • You may waste a lot of time between revisions since you cannot participate directly in the design work. This can literally mean weeks and months of valuable time.
        • You may not be able to take a 3D virtual tour of your home.
        • Your plans may not comply with local building codes.
        • You may not be able to collaborate with your builder and may be forced to pay for more design time in order to incorporate builder input.
        • You may have very limited options for building materials because other companies only draw what they sell, or, they are not familiar with the wide variety of options and building methods we employ.

        Let’s get started… today!

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        Today is the Day!

        There are several considerations when choosing a home company to work with, but none are more important than the culture of the company. Our culture is one of effectiveness, honesty, innovation, and quality. We are different. We don’t just provide great timber frame homes, we provide great experiences in planning, designing and building your home of homes, so feel free to dream. Our ultimate goal is for you to tell your friends and family that we did a great job for you. At Natural Element Homes, we choose to do the following:

        • Follow a strict code of ethics
        • Grade our logs and timbers to ensure quality
        • Provide a construction manual for clients and builders to illustrate proper construction techniques
        • Provide innovative ideas to building technologies
        • Provide free information and advice to make smart choices

        But we don’t stop here. We have never been satisfied to simply follow the group of log and timber home companies. We much prefer to lead the way, and we do. You are probably like us, and you want your log home to not be just like everyone else’s. If so, we may be perfect for each other. People who choose a Natural Element Home want something different, a home that is a notch above the usual cookie-cutter design and reflects their taste and lifestyle. We help you create a home that is uniquely you. Our customers have the need for a pleasurable, stress-free experience that is comprehensive in nature (everything needed — not just bits and pieces). We are truly a one-stop-shop and either provide or facilitate everything needed to build a new home. We have in-house design services, log and timber manufacturing facilities, and a network of builders covering the USA. We also facilitate site planners, interior designers, lighting professionals, financing options, solar and geothermal professionals, landscape architecture, and green building standards. Everything you need is under our roof!

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        We are halfway between Chattanooga and Knoxville in eastern Tennessee.
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