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Custom Made Easy™


Interactive Floor Plans with Custom Materials Packages


Custom Made Easy™ packages are always on sale.

You can save thousands of dollars!


Natural Element Homes is excited to introduce Custom Made Easy™. This interactive program provides you the same legendary quality and design distinction for which we are known, but through a simpler, quicker, and less expensive approach. Try it. It’s Free!

View Home Plans and Customize Now

Natural Element Homes

A Simplified Approach

Simply select a plan to customize, choose from a list of popular options, and see the plan changes immediately. You can even save and print the revised plan.

Customize Quickly and Easily

Modifying your Natural Element Home has never been easier! You can literally do it in a few short minutes, or take all the time you want.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Custom Made Easy™ isn’t just simpler and quicker. It saves you money; the custom materials package will be significantly discounted because you chose the simpler route.

How does it work? Simply!

1. Choose a plan to customize

Then, choose your options.

2. Save your custom plan

We’ll email it to you.

3. Let’s discuss by phone

We’ll give you a call.

4. We’ll talk details

We can discuss your package, pricing, builder, budget, land, path forward, and more.


We can even discuss other Natural Element Home plans not yet in the Custom Made Easy™ line-up. If you are interested in another plan, we can likely help you.

“You can literally save weeks or months and tons of money”

– Susan R.

Remember, Custom Made Easy™ homes are always on sale!