Rise and Shine!

Operating a business successfully takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s rarely easy. And as time marches forward, the hard work can make one weary. Sometimes, one has to search for strength to get out of bed and go for it one more day. Sometimes, you need a really good reason to keep on keeping on. In times like these, it greatly helps to reflect on your purpose in life and your calling.

To reflect on your purpose and calling, you must first know what it is! Why are you here on earth? What are you meant to do with your life? If this is unclear to you, you may just want to stay in bed and fail to get up and go again!


We are clear about our purpose for operating Natural Element Homes. We are not operating so we can make lots of money and have lots of stuff. We are not here in order to win over our competitors and receive lots of glory and accolades. We are not even here to improve the housing industry and make an impact on the way in which homes are built in America.

These can be good things when achieved, of course, but when these and other similar goals become your purpose, you may find yourself lacking and weary. Whenever your main purpose is to please and satisfy and glorify yourself, you will ultimately become dissatisfied with your life.

We have found that living (which usually involves working or operating a business) to bring glory to God is the secret to success. Putting God and others ahead of yourself brings great joy and happiness. Truly seeking to find God and His purposes for your life is sure to lead you to Him, and, therein, your reason for being here.

Our purpose is to reflect God’s love and care for us to our customers and business relationships by the way we conduct ourselves and our business. We are to look for opportunities to share our blessings with others and to sacrificially give of ourselves and our resources to everyone we meet. We are “light bearers.” Our calling is to operate our business with the above purpose in mind, not only provide for our families, but to truly help others in their efforts to design and build a new home. Day after day, we will get up and come to work with our greater purpose in mind, and at night, we sleep in peace!

So, if you are struggling to get out of bed each day, seek God. Ask Him to help you find Him and His Purpose for your life. Then be sure to watch for Him all around you, because if you sincerely ask, He will show up! He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He will give you a reason to RISE AND SHINE! Please join us in this fabulous thing called LIFE!

Very truly yours,


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